Yesterday was my last day acting as Head of Business for Loopring. I can’t believe I am writing these words, as Loopring has been such an incredibly important part of my life over the past 3+ years. In some sense, it has been my life. As many of you reading this know: it is hard to have a work-life balance in the world of crypto, especially Ethereum. Days vs nights, weekdays vs weekends — it all blends together when your passion is your job and your job is your passion, and when a month feels like a year of progress…

Get ready for round 5 of incentives on Loopring’s L2 AMM & Orderbook exchange, beginning at 00:00 UTC April 1st, and lasting 13 days. We’ve got some amazing projects helping incentivize the shift to Ethereum zkRollups, so if you haven’t levelled up on layer 2 yet, now is the time.

L2 Liquidity Mining Round 5

We’ll launch the fifth round of incentives at 00:00 UTC, April 1st, which lasts 13 days. You can participate on the Loopring Exchange at, or via the Loopring Wallet mobile app.

You may notice the campaign lasting 13 days instead of the usual 14 days. That’s because we are…

Guest post, written by Matthew Chaim

I, like many, have fallen down the Ethereum rabbit hole.

As an artist myself, I’ve gravitated primarily to the world of crypto art and Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs). As such, I am far more interested in playing with the platforms built atop the Ethereum blockchain — be it NFT marketplaces, tokenized DAOs, etc — than understanding all of what’s going on under the hood.

So when it came to learning about these transaction costs on Ethereum called “gas”, I didn’t really care to dig too deep — so long as they didn’t prevent me…

A look into Loopring — the protocol, products, and vision. This post is part history, part prediction, and seeks to address what Loopring is, and equally important, what it is not.

In recent conversations, I have often found myself saying: “Loopring is a bit of a different beast”, or, “Loopring doesn’t have an exact analog”.

This comes up if I am discussing DEX protocols/products, Ethereum L2s/rollups, payments, and more.

I figured it is time to put what I mean by this on paper, since knowing what a thing is — or is meant to be — is quite important in…

Get ready for round 4 of incentives on Loopring’s L2 AMM & Orderbook exchange, beginning at 00:00 UTC March 4th, and lasting 14 days. We’ve got some great projects helping incentivize the shift to Ethereum rollups, so if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, now is the time!

L2 Liquidity Mining Round 4

We’ll launch the fourth round of incentives at 00:00 UTC, March 4th, which lasts 14 days. You can participate on the Loopring Exchange at, and also via the Loopring Wallet mobile app.

1. AMM: Liquidity Mining & Swap Tournament

The following AMM pools will support liquidity mining and swap tournament. Liquidity mining incentivizes LPs in the relevant pool…

Ethereum layer 2 scaling is needed now more than ever. Luckily, Loopring zkRollup is here to help you save gas, save time, and basically not get stuck on congested layer 1 — all while maintaining complete Ethereum self-custody security. Below is a walkthrough guide about Loopring Exchange, the layer 2 DEX built atop the Loopring zkRollup.

Photo by Chris Peeters from Pexels

First, two basic questions if you are interested.

What is Loopring Exchange?

Loopring Exchange is a non-custodial Ethereum exchange built on Loopring layer 2. It is an orderbook-based and AMM-based exchange that replicates the high-performance, low-cost trading experience of centralized exchanges. Users can trade speedily & cheaply (without…

Red packets, or red envelopes, are a traditional Chinese gift-giving custom on special occasions, celebrations, and the Chinese New Year. Giving red envelopes filled with cash to friends, family, and coworkers, in hopes of blessings and good fortune. The colour red is associated with good luck, and the cash is, well, cash. Except for now it can be Ethereum-based assets too!

Users of the Loopring Wallet have probably seen this feature on their mobile app in the past few weeks. It allows you to send and receive red packets privately to friends and family, or publicly — to anyone on…

Recap of Round 2

In the past month, Loopring has launched two rounds of AMM liquidity mining activities. The total value locked on Loopring zkRollup now exceeds $200M. And the APY of many AMM pools exceeded 100% by the end of round 2.

The Loopring protocol token, LRC, has been part of the protocol since our inception over 3 years ago. It's design and usage have remained largely the same over this time, while the protocol and products have made profoundly important progress. It is time the LRC model pulls itself up to keep pace with — and enhance — the Loopring protocol and product suite.

LRC will be used to incentivize behavior that is beneficial for the Loopring ecosystem, have a say in said system, and further ignite the transition to Ethereum L2.


  • Loopring protocol fees come from transaction volume (economic activities)…

L2 exchanges Loopring & DeversiFi have joined forces to establish the industry’s first L2-specific committee & working-group aptly titled L2 Squared (or L² for short). Symbolising the launch of L², Loopring & DeversiFi have also conducted a token swap, swapping LRC & NEC respectively. Read on for the full story.

The DeFi explosion of 2020 has undeniably proven the power of permissionless, self-custodial finance. Decentralised Exchange trading volumes have grown to now seriously compete with custodial centralised counterparts. …

Matthew Finestone

Business @Loopring, CFA Charterholder

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